Inventories, inspections and checkouts have been the bane of letting agencies for decades – expensive, time-consuming and disorganised. Now you can take control with an easy to use alternative.

*fieldMarshall* dramatically changes the way you work with a complete solution that manages inventories, inspections and checkouts – and a whole lot more besides.

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fieldMarshall... Step by Step


Viewing your Inventory List

Your inventory list is found on the left tab in the navigation bar which is found at the bottom of the screen.


Our app is designed to allow you to report what you want. Nothing's fixed, everything can be changed deleted or added.


Adding an Inventory

Click the + button in the top right of the inventories page. Then fill in the details of the property you are adding.


You can change your settings through the settings tab in the navigation bar.


Starting an Inventory

You can edit an inventory at any time by clicking the 'Edit' on the right hand side of the page when inside an inventory.

Uploading an Inventory

When you have finished putting the details of the property in, you can upload it by clicking the Upload button. If you want to upload an older inventory, click the property you wish to upload and click upload.